QC Economics

Economics Department Advisement

Download what to expect from advisement (in pdf format)

General Advisement Location and Office Hours
Semester: Fall 2021
Hours & Location: Download this General Advisement Schedule (subject to change).

Please note that while faculty may be available for advisement during 1:00-2:00PM on weekdays, administrative staff is unavailable. The office in PH 300 is generally closed from 1:00-2:00PM for lunch.

If you have credits from a foreign university, you must see a specialized advisor.


Leticia Arroyo Abad, Associate Professor,
PH300N Phone:

Clive Belfield, Professor,
Office hours: Tues-Thurs 1-3pm PH 300-R Phone: 718-997-5448

Mathew Bradbury, Lecturer,
PH 300 Phone: 5443

Natalia Candelo Londono, Assistant Professor,
Office hours: Fall semester: Tuesdays&Thursdays 2-5 PM PH300-E Phone: 5449

Georges Courtadon, Distinguished Lecturer,

John Devereux, Professor,
PH 300A Phone: 997-5440

Julen Esteban-Pretel, Associate Professor,
PH300 Phone:

Zadia Feliciano, Associate Professor,
Office hours: Mon & Wed 10:30-12:00 pm PH 310-B Phone: 718-997-5442

David Gabel, Professor and Department Chair,
PH 306-D Phone: 718-997-5452

Luc Marest, Visiting Assistant Professor,
PH306H Phone: x5417

Cara Marshall, Lecturer,
PH 300K Phone: 718-997-5387

Joan Nix, Associate Professor,
Office hours: M/W 5:00-6:00 PM PH 310A Phone: 997-5447

Francesc Ortega, Professor,
PH306h Phone: 5457

Francisco Penaranda, Associate Professor,
PH306E Phone:

Carl Riskin, Distinguished Professor,
PH 306-I Phone: 997-5454

Nuria Rodriguez-Planas, Professor,
PH306-G Phone:

Jennifer Roff, Associate Professor,
PH 300-J Phone: 718-997-5036

Kevin Shih, Assistant Professor,
PH300O Phone: 718-997-5467

Suleyman Taspinar, Assistant Professor and Director of the Quantitative Economics Program,

Thom Thurston, Professor,
PH 310D Phone: 5276

Tao Wang, Professor and Deputy Chair of the BBA program,
PH 300-D Phone: 997-5445

V. Schiro Withanachchi, Lecturer,
Office hours: By appointment only PH 306B Phone: 718-997-5444