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Zadia Feliciano, Associate Professor
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Schools Attended:
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Ph.D. in Economics, June 1995.

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL. B.A. in Economics, August 1987.

Research Interests: International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, Development, Labor Economics



Book Chapters:


"Hurricane Maria's Impact on Puerto Rico's Labor Market: Establishment Closings, Job Losses and Wages," in Hurricane Maria, Disaster Response, and Recovery in Puerto Rico edited by Marie T. Mora, Havidan Rodriguez and Alberto Davila, Lexington Books, Forthcoming.

Mexico's Demographic Transformation: 1900 to 1990,in A Population History of North America edited by Michael Haines and Richard Steckel, Cambridge University Press, 2000, pp. 601-630.

Journal Articles:



"EU Accession and Foreign Owned Firms in Bulgaria." Co-authored with Nadia Doytch. Post-Communist Economies, September 2017, v. 29(3):392-404.

"Foreign Entry into U.S. Manufacturing by Takeovers and the Creation of New Firms." Co-authored with Robert Lipsey. Eastern Economic Journal, 43(1) Winter 2017, pp 1-16.

"Foreign Entry into U.S. Service Industry by Takeovers and the Creation of New Firms." Co-authored with Jing Sun. Contemporary Economic Policy, July 2016, pp. 500-512.

"Foreign Ownership Growth and Wages Changes United States Industries, 1987- 1992." Co-authored with Robert Lipsey. Contemporary Economic Policy, January 2006, pp.74-91.

"Workers and Trade Liberalization: The Impact of Trade Reforms in Mexico on Wages and Employment." Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol. 55, No. 1, October 2001, pp. 95-115.

"The Skill and Economic Performance of Mexican Immigrants from 1910 to 1990." Explorations in Economic History, 38, July 2001, pp. 386-409.

"Does the Minimum Wage Affect Employment in Mexico?" Eastern Economic Journal, Spring, 1998, pp. 165-180.


"IRS Section 936 and the Decline of Puerto Rico's Manufacturing," Centro, Journal of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies, Hunter College, Fall 2018, 30(3): 30-42.

"Robert E. Lipsey: (1926-2011)." Co-authored with John Devereux. Review of Income and Wealth, June 2013, vol. 59 (2), pp. 375-380.

Submitted Works:


"Trade Liberalization and Firm Performance: The Case of Thailand," Co-authored with Nadia Doytch. Revise and Resubmit Contemporary Economic Policy, March 2019.

"US Multinationals in Puerto Rico and the Repeal of Section 936 Tax Exemption for U.S. Corporations." Co-authored with Andrew Green, NBER Working Paper 23681, 2017. Submitted for review, Public Finance Review, April 2018.

Working Papers:


"Intangible Assets, Corporate Taxes and the Relocation of Multinational Firms: The case of Puerto Rico." Co-authored with Meng-Ting Chen. Mimeo, October 2019.

"The U.S.-Colombia FTA and its Impact on Productivity of Colombian Plants," Co-authored with Sara Wong. Mimeo, October 2019.

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