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Thom Thurston, Professor
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Office Location: PH 310D
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Schools Attended:
Ph.D., University of California, 1970

Research Interests: Monetary Theory and Policy (Seigniorage and Monetary Policy Rules), Macroeconomics  


Book Chapters:


"The Money Market in China," Chapter 3 in China's Financial Markets: an Insider's Guide to How the Markets Work, eds. Neftci and Xu. (New York: Elsevier), 2007.

Journal Articles:


"Empirical estimates of inflation tax Laffer surfaces: a 30-country study," with Turan Bali (Baruch College and The Graduate Center), Journal of Development Economics, vol. 63, 2000, pp. 529-546.

On the efficiency of monetary policy rules with flexible prices and rational expectations Journal of Economics and Business, Volume 54, Issue 6, November-December 2002, Pages 615-631, Turan G. Bali and Thom B. Thurston

"Public Debt, the Unit Root Hypothesis and Structural Breaks: A Multi-Country Analysis" (with Merih Uctum, and Remzi Uctum), .Economica, 73, February 2006, pp. 129-156

"Inflation Shoe Leather Costs and Average Inflation Rates across Countries," (with Turan Bali), Journal of International Money and Finance Volume 25, Issue 7 , November 2006, Pages 1103-1129.

"Cash-Futures Arbitrage and Forward-Futures Spreads in the Treasury Bill Market." Journal of Futures Markets, October 1988. With L. Allen, Baruch College, CUNY.

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