QC Economics

Seminar Series Spring 2014
12:10-1:30 pm





Monday 3/10/14 PH 351 Malcolm Kass, (University of Texas, Dallas)
      Effects of Endogenous Selection on Pro-social Behavior
Wednesday 3/12/2014 PH 351 David Jaeger, CUNY Grad Center
      Does Classroom Time Matter? A Randomized Field Experiment of Hybrid and Traditional Lecture Formats in Economics
Wednesday 4/2/2014 PH 333 Kyle Hyndman (University of Texas, Dallas)
      Bargaining With A Residual Claimant: An Experimental Study
Wednesday 4/9/2014 PH 333 Thom Thurston (Queens College)
      The Taylor Principle and the Taylor Rule Determinacy Condition in the Baseline New Keynesian Model: Two Different Kettles of Fish
Tuesday 4/29/2014 PH 351 Magda Sokalska (Queens College)
      The Expected Transaction Cost and Gain of Limit Order Trading
Wednesday 4/30/2014 PH 351 Javier Polavieja, University Carlos III
      The Threat Is Real: Labor-Market Competition, Recession and Anti-Immigrant Sentiments in Europe
Monday 5/5/2014 PH 304 Thijs Van Rens, Warwick
      Accounting for Mismatch Unemployment
Wednesday 5/14/2014 PH 351 Luc Marest, Queens College
      Gain from Commitment to Different Monetary Policy Targeting Rules

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