QC Economics

Majoring in Quantitative Economics

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new B.Sc. in Quantitative Economics. The degree provides a state-of-the-art education with an emphasis on quantitative skills. Quantitative Economics combines econometrics and computational methods with a solid understanding of economics. Students will gain hands-on experience by conducting original research using the methods and economic concepts learned in the program. We expect graduates to be in high demand for industries ranging from finance to real estate. The program is strongly recommended for all students planning graduate study in economics, finance or business.

The program is approved by CUNY and New York State to satisfy STEM requirements.

For further information please contact:
Suleyman Taspinar - Director of Quantitative Economics

16 courses (51 credits) or 17 courses (52 credits)

1. C- or better in each of the 16 or 17 courses used to obtain a major in Quantitative Economics. The P/NC option may not be utilized for any course required for the B.S. in Quantitative Economics major.
2. GPA 2.7 average or better from 16 or 17 courses.
3. Maximum number of transfer credits is 15.
4. Students can choose the Math 141, Math 142, Math 143 calculus sequence, or the Math 151, Math 152 calculus sequence. If students choose the Math 141, Math 142, Math 143 sequence, students will take 17 courses in total. If students choose the Math 151, Math 152 sequence, students will take 16 courses in total.

Math 141, Math 142, Math 143, (or Math 151 (4 credits), Math 152 (4 credits))
Math 231 - Linear Algebra (4 credits, Prereq Math 141 and 142)
Eco 101 Intro to Macro Economics or Eco 103 The Global Economy
Eco 102 Intro to Micro Economics or Eco 104 The Market Society
Eco 201 Intermediate Macro (Prereq Eco 101 and Eco 102)
Eco 202 Intermediate Micro (Prereq Eco 101 and Eco 102, and Math 141 or 151)
Math 241 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Prereq Math 143 or 152)
Eco 382 - Econometrics (Prereq Math 241)
Eco 387 - Advanced Econometrics (Prereq, Eco 382)
CSCI 87 - Introduction to Scientific Computing
or CSC 111, Introduction to Algorithmic Problem-Solving
Eco 392W Economics Honor Seminar (Prereq Eco 201, Eco 202 and Eco 382) or Bus 392 Business Honors Seminar (Eco 382, Bus 341W, Bus 350, and Bus 351 for Finance Majors, Eco 382, Eco 326, and Eco 328 for International Business Majors)

Four Electives: One 200 level Economics or Business Course Three 300 level Economics or Business courses (Exclusive of Econ 249, Bus 341W, Bus 344)

To complete your Quantitative Economics concentration form, please download it here Quantitative Economics Major concentration form.
To declare your Quantitative Economics Major, use this form.
You must bring both completed forms with you when you see an advisor.