QC Economics

Undergraduate Studies in Economics/BBA

Undergraduate students at Queens College can major or minor in Economics. Students can also apply to our BBA program which allows them to major in one of three ares: Finance, International Business, or Actuarial Studies.

Students who study economics receive an education in an important area of the social sciences, dealing with such major social concerns as economic growth and development, unemployment, inflation, poverty, urban decay and finance. A study of these and other problems, together with a solid theoretical and statistical base, provides an essential element in the broad understanding of society. Courses in economics also have a vocational benefit. They prepare students for graduate work in economics, finance and business, as well as professional schools such as laws, journalism and social work. In the past our students have done very well in gaining acceptance to such graduate and professional programs. Education in economics, particularly, helps students prepare for careers in teaching, government and business. It is noteworthy that in recent years economists have been more successful than graduates of virtually all other academic disciplines in achieving employment related to their educational backgrounds.

Students wishing to pursue a career in finance must be able to answer job interview questions about capital structure, the CAPM, regression analysis, forecasting, and stock market efficiency. Finance professionals are assumed to know how to work with financial models using Excel and VBA. A Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from Queens College will help you master the types of skills investment banks, commercial banks, consulting firms, and other businesses desiring financial expertise demand of their employees.

Today the marketplace is described in global terms, and the American business community has expanded its horizons correspondingly. The BBA in International Business prepares graduates to deal effectively with the complexities of contemporary global business environments. The program combines the dynamics of multinational and multicultural business environments, competing in an interdependent world, and managing cultural diversity with creative problem-solving, team building, presentation skills, strategic planning, and using computers to solve business problems. The program provides training for entry in careers in corporations with a global orientation, particularly multinational corporations, export-import firms, banks, transportation and logistics, and government and international agencies involved in international trade, finance, and economic development.

The Actuarial Studies for Business major prepares students for a career path in the insurance industry, as well as preparing them for a series of actuarial examinations. These examinations test an individual's competence in probability, calculus, statistics, and other branches of mathematics. The first few examinations help students evaluate their potential as actuaries. The Actuarial Studies major helps students to prepare for the first of these examinations, and teaches them the skills that will be necessary to progress through the more advanced examinations at a later date. Students in the Actuarial Studies for Business program also gain an excellent grounding in business skills through the Business Fundamentals courses.