QC Economics

Seminar Series Spring 2019
12:15-1:30 pm





Monday 2/11/2019 PH 302 Adam Kapelner (Queens College Math Department)
      Optimal Rerandomization via a Criterion that Provides Insurance Against Failed Experiments
Wednesday 2/27/2019 PH 302 Francisco Penaranda (Queens College Economics Department)
      Nonparametric Specification Testing of Conditional Asset Pricing Models
Monday 3/4/2019 PH 302 Gabriel Mathy (American University)
      Acyclical Productivity and its implications for business cycles: Evidence from a century of labor productivity
Monday 3/11/2019 PH 302 Ina Ganguli (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
      Biased beliefs and entry into scientific careers
Wednesday 3/13/2019 PH 302 Giuseppe Arbia (Universita cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Roma)
      Spatial econometrics and big data: an overview
Monday 3/18/2019 PH 302 Josep Tribo (UC3 Madrid)
      Not Walking the Talk? Divergence of Interests between Organizations and their Leaders in Impression Management following Controversial Business Activities
Wednesday 3/27/2019 PH 302 Leah Boustan (Princeton)
      The Effect of Immigration on the Economy: Lessons From Closing the Border in the 1920s
Tuesday 4/9/2019 PH 202 Reuben Kline (SUNY Stony Brook)
      Who do you Trust? Inefficiency Incentives in Climate Change Mitigation
Monday 4/15/2019 PH 302 Andrea Tesei (Queens Mary University of London)
      Technology Adoption and Access to Credit Via Mobile Phones
Wednesday 4/17/2019 PH 302 Renee Weiss (Queens College Accounting Department)
      The relative persistence of accrual components of earnings post-IFRS convergence: The Case of China
Wednesday 5/1/2019 PH 302 Noel Maurer (George Washington University)
      What have the (Romans) Americans Ever Done for Us? U.S. intervention and public goods in Latin America, 1895-1929.
Monday 5/6/2019 PH 302 Ricardo Lagos (NYU)
      On Money as a Medium of Exchange in Near-Cashless Credit Economies
Wednesday 5/8/2019 PH 302 Todd Sorensen (University of Nevada - Reno)
      Monopsony Power and Guest Worker Programs
Monday 5/20/2019 PH 302 from 12:00-2:00 Double Seminar:
Antonio Robles (University of Alicante)
Angie Upegui (University of Alicante)
Household composition and test score gender gap: evidence from Colombia (Robles)

Water In-Kind Transfer: Evidence from Colombia (Upegui)

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