QC Economics

Seminar Series Spring 2016
12:10-1:30 pm





Monday 2/22/2016 PH 351 Jeremie Cohen-Setton
      Supply-Side Policies in the Depression: Evidence from France
Friday 3/11/2016 PH 351 Kanda Naknoi
      Why Are Exchange Rates So Smooth? A Segmented Asset Markets Explanation
Monday 3/14/2016 PH 351 Francesc Ortega
      The Effects of Hurricane Sandy on the NYC Housing Market. Preliminary results.
Monday 4/4/2016 PH 333 Sebastiano Manzan
      Are Professional Forecasters Bayesians?
Wednesday 4/13/2016 PH 351 Daniel Hamermesh
      CITATIONS IN ECONOMICS: Measurement, Uses and Impacts
Wednesday 4/20/2016 PH 351 Marta Bengoa
      Spatial determinants of TFP: The role of R&D capital and the absorptive capacities of the Spanish regions.
Monday 5/2/2016 PH 351 Alicja Reuben
      The Determinants of Financial Assets' Evaluation Techniques: Evidence from U.S. Investment Dealers
Wednesday 5/4/2016 PH 351 Giacomo De Giorgi (NY Fed)
      Consumption Network Effects
Monday 5/9/2016 PH 351 Giacomo Ponzetto
      Global snd Political Structure
Tuesday 5/10/2016 PH 351 Claudia Rei (Vanderbilt)
      Coming to America: Health and Human Capital of Holocaust Refugees
Thursday 5/12/2016 PH 351 Sebastiano Manzan (Zicklin School of Business, Baruch)
      Are Professional Forecasters Bayesian?
Monday 5/16/2016 PH 351 John Morrow (Essex)
      Swimming Upstream: Input-output Linkages and the Direction of Product Adoption
Tuesday 5/24/2016 PH 351 Anna Sanz-de-Galdeano (University of Alicante)
      The Impact of Health Insurance on Stockholding: A Regression Discontinuity Approach

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