QC Economics

Seminar Series Spring 2015
12:10-1:30 pm





Wednesday 2/4/15 PH 333 Adam Kapelner, (Queens College Math Department)
      Experiments via Crowdsourcing: A New Platform for Social Science Research?
Monday 3/9/2015 PH 351 Chris Taber
      Estimation of a Roy/Search/Compensating Differential Model of the Labor Market
Thursday 3/12/2015 PH 351 Christian Fons-Rosen (Pompeu Fabra)
      The Consequences of Entrepreneurial Firm Founding on Innovation
Thursday 3/19/2015 PH 351 Gianluca Violante (NYU)
      What Shifts the Beveridge Curve: Recruiting Intensity and Financial Shocks
Thursday 3/26/2015 PH 351 Pablo Querubin
      State Capacity, Local Governance and Economic Development in Vietnam
Thursday 4/2/2015 PH 351 Albert Saiz
      Interest Rates and Fundamental Fluctuations in Home Values
Thursday 4/16/2015 PH 351 Libertad Gonzalez
      Newborn Health and the Business Cycle
Monday 4/20/2015 PH 351 Elena Stancanelli
      Divorcing Upon Retirement
Tuesday 5/5/2015 PH 351 Jeff Smith
      Are Program Participants Good Evaluators?

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