QC Economics

Seminar Series Spring 2013
12:15-1:30 pm





Tuesday 2/19/13 PH 351 Natalia Candelo (SUNY Purchase)
      Social Exclusion and Identity: A Framed Field Experiment with Hispanic Immigrants in the U.S.
Thursday 2/28/2013 PH 351 Francesc Ortega (Queens College CUNY)
      Trade, Migration and Income
Thursday 3/14/2013 PH 351 Ryuichi Tanaka (GRIPS)
      Immigration, School Choice, and the Future of Public Education
Monday 3/18/2013 PH 351 Karna Basu (Hunter)
      Time-Inconsistency, Renegotiation, and Firm Ownership
Thursday 4/4/2013 12:00-1:00 PH351 Giovanni Mastrobuoni (Collegio Carlo Alberto and Princeton)
      Police and Clearance Rates: Evidence from RecurrentRedeployments Within a City
Thursday 4/4/2013 1:00-2:00pm PH351 Nadia Campaniello (CERIS and Princeton)
      Regional Spillovers in Art Consumption: Evidence from the "Bel Paese"
Thursday 4/18/2013 PH 351 Francesco Fasani (Institute for Economic Analysis)
      Employment of Undocumented Immigrants and the Prospect of Legal Status: Evidence from an Amnesty Program
Tuesday 4/23/2013 PH 351 Brian Kovak (Carnegie Mellon)
      Price and Quality Dispersion in an Offshoring Market: Evidence from Semiconductor Production Services
Wednesday 5/1/2013 PH 351 Dean Yang (University of Michigan)
      Subsidizing Remittances for Education: A Field Experiment Among Migrants from El Salvador
Monday 5/6/2013 PH 304 Thom Thurston and Luc Marest (Queens College CUNY)
      The value of central bank commitment to control the price level in the baseline New Keynesian model
Monday 5/13/2013 PH351 John Devereux (Queens College)
      Growth, Recessions and Banking Crises
Wednesday 5/15/2013 PH351 Leanne Ussher (Queens College)
      A Network of Firm Trade Credit

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