QC Economics

Seminar Series Spring 2012
12:15-1:30 pm





Thursday 2/9/12 PH 304 Ryuichi Tanaka (GRIPS Tokyo)
      Estimating the Effects of Pro-Natal Policies on Residential Choice and Fertility (joint with Ryo Nakajima)
Tuesday 2/21/2012 PH 351 Eva Carceles (Stony Brook University)
      Skill biased technological change and homeownership
Monday 2/27/2012 PH 351 Maria Guadalupe (Columbia BS)
      Who Lives in the C-Suite? Organizational Structure and the Division of Labor in Top Management
Monday 3/5/2012 PH 304 Jenny Hunt (Rutgers)
      Which Immigrants Are Most Innovative and Entrepreneurial? Distinctions by Entry Visa
Monday 3/12/2012 Campbell Dome George Borjas (Kennedy School)
      The Collapse of the Soviet Union and the Productivity of American Mathematicians (joint with Kirk B. Doran)
Thursday 3/29/2012 PH 351 Kristin Mammen (Barnard)
      All for One or Each for Her Own: Do Polygamous Families Share and Share Alike?
Monday 4/2/2012 Campbell Dome Ken Heyer (US Justice)
      Antitrust Policy: Theory and Practice
Monday 4/23/12 PH 351 Ethan Lewis (Dartmouth)
      Do Male-Female Wage Differentials Reflect Differences in the Return to Skill? Cross-City Evidence from 1980-2000
Wednesday 5/2/12 PH 351 Christina Felfe (St Gallen)
      How Does Early Childcare affect Child Development? Learning from the Children of German Unification
Thursday 5/10/12 PH 333 Na Yin (Baruch)
      Applications to the Social Security Disability Insurance near the Normal Retirement Age
Monday 5/14/2012 PH 304 Magdalena Sokalska (Queens College)
      Market Sentiment and Emerging Markets

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