QC Economics

Seminar Series Spring 2011
12:15-1:40 pm





Monday 4/18/2011 PH 333 Thijs van Rens (CREI and University Pompeu Fabra)
      "Cyclical Skill-Biased Technological Change"
Thursday 4/28/2011 PH 202 Greg Clark (UC Davis)
      "Was there ever a Ruling Class? Rare Surnames and Long Run Social Mobility in England, 1858-2011."
Monday 5/9/2011 PH 333 Javier Polavieja (IMDEA)
      "Nurse or Mechanic? Explaining Sex-Typed Occupational Aspirations amongst Children"
Monday 5/16/2011 PH 333 Delia Furtado (University of Connecticut and Yale)
      Female Work and Fertility in the United States: Effects of Low-Skilled Immigrant Labor

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