QC Economics

Seminar Series Fall 2019
12:15-1:30 pm





Tuesday 9/17/2019 PH 351 Kevin Shih (Queens College)
      Trade Shocks and Chinese Students in US Higher Education
Wednesday 9/25/2019 PH 351 Raquel Fernandez (New York University)
      Coming Out in America: AIDS, Politics, and Cultural Change
Thursday 10/17/2019 PH 351 Donald Davis (Columbia University)
      "Labor Market Polarization and the Great Divergence: Theory and Evidence" (Don Davis (Columbia University) with Eric Mengus and Tomasz Michalski).
Tuesday 10/22/2019 PH 351 Alexander Eble (Columbia University)
      How important are beliefs about gender differences in math ability? Transmission across generations and impacts on child outcomes
Wednesday 10/23/2019 PH 351 Rajashri Chakrabarti (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
      The Effect of State Funding for Postsecondary Education on Long-Run Student Outcomes
Tuesday 10/29/2019 PH 351 Jennifer Hunt (Rutgers University)
      Is Employment Polarization Informative about Wage Inequality and is Employment Really Polarizing?
Tuesday 11/5/2019 PH 351 Pia Orrenius (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
      The Effect of Immigration on Business Dynamics and Employment
Monday 11/11/2019 PH 351 Jaime Arrelano-Bover (Yale University)
      Career Consequences of Firm Heterogeneity for Young Workers: First Job and Firm Size*
Tuesday 11/19/2019 PH 351 Eric verHoogen (Columbia University)
      Estimating Production Functions Using Quantity Information and External Instruments
Monday 12/9/2019 PH 351 Craig Parsons, Nadia Doytch, Zadia Feliciano

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