QC Economics

Seminar Series Fall 2018
12:15-1:30 pm





Wednesday 9/5/2018 PH 351 Osman Dogan (CUNY The Graduate Center)
      Bayesian Estimation of Tail Index from High Frequency Financial Data
Wednesday 9/12/2018 PH 351 David Gabel (Queens College)
      Incentivizing Investment in the Internet Ecosystem and Net Neutrality Regulation: Taking It to the Edge.
Monday 9/24/2018 PH 304 Lilia Maliar (CUNY Graduate Center)
      Should Central Banks Worry about Nonlinearities of Their Large-Scale Macroeconomic Models?
Wednesday 10/3/2018 PH 304 Ken McLaughlin (Hunter College)
      Employment Effects of Three Rounds of Federal Minimum Wage Hikes
Wednesday 10/10/2018 PH 304 Elisabet Viladecans (University of Barcelona)
      Amphitheaters, cathedrals and operas: The role of historic amenities on suburbanization
Tuesday 10/16/2018 PH 304 Chad Sparber (Colgate University)
      Substitution between Groups of Highly-Educated, Foreign-Born, H-1B Workers
Wednesday 10/31/2018 PH 304 Alberto Bisin (NYU)
      Dynamic Interactions on Networks: Health Risk Behavior
Monday 11/5/2018 PH 304 Josh Hyman (University of Connecticut)
      Education Policy and Children's Mental Health
Monday 11/12/2018 PH 304 Wim Vijverberg
      Regression Models with Flexible Distributions
Wednesday 11/14/2018 PH 304 Gregory Clark (UC Davis)
      Culture Versus Nature in Social Outcomes. A Lineage Study of 285,188 English Individuals, 1750-2018
Monday 11/19/2018 PH 351 Dimitris Christelis (U Naples)
      The recessionary impact of fiscal consolidations: evidence from an increase in Italian property taxes
Wednesday 11/21/2018 PH 304 Amy E. Schwartz (Syracuse)
      Let Them Eat Lunch: The Impact of Universal Free Meals on Student Performance
Monday 11/26/2018 PH 304 Jorge Aguero (University of Connecticut)
      Human Capital, Internal Migration and Structural Transformation in Africa
Wednesday 11/28/2018 PH 304 Fernando Zapatero (USC Marshall Business School)
      Skewness Seeking in a Dynamic Portfolio Choice Experiment
Monday 12/3/2018 PH 304 Ahmed Rahman (U.S. Naval Academy)
      Development and Retention of Human Capital in Large Bureaucracies
Monday 12/10/2018 PH 351 Serguei Maliar (UC Santa Clara)
      A Tractable Framework for Analyzing a Class of Nonstationary Markov Models

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