QC Economics

Seminar Series Fall 2017
12:15-1:30 pm





Wednesday 9/13/2017 PH 304 John Devereux (Queens College)
      Arrested Development? Puerto Rico in an American Century with appendix
Monday 9/18/2017 PH 351 Ana Maria Santacreu, (St. Louis Fed)
      Knowledge diffusion, trade and innovation across countries and sectors
Monday 9/25/2017 PH 351 Carles Sola (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)
      Profit Sharing in Highly Interdependent Work Groups: A Lab Experiment
Wednesday 10/11/2017 PH 351 Francesc Ortega (Queens College)
      Legalization of DREAMers: an Economic Analysis of the Policy Options
Thursday 10/19/2017 PH 351 Martin Rotemberg (NYU)
      Engines of Growth: Railroads, Reallocation, and the Rise of American Manufacturing
Monday 10/23/2017 PH 351 Eleonora Patacchini (Cornell)
      Treatment Effects with Heterogeneous Externalities
Thursday 11/2/2017 PH 351 Deborah Balk (Baruch)
      What is Urban? A study of census and satellite-derived urban classes in the United States (1990-2010) with comparisons to India and Mexico
Thursday 11/16/2017 PH 351 Leticia Arroyo (Middlebury College)
      The Long Arm of History? The impact of colonial labor market institutions on colonial and postcolonial development in Peru
Monday 11/20/2017 PH 351 Reka Juhasz (Columbia)
      Drivers of Fragmented Production Chains: Evidence from the 19th century
Monday 11/27/2017 PH 304 Ryuichi Tanaka (University of Tokyo)
      Do Teachers Matter for Academic Achievement of Students? Evidence from Administrative Panel Data
Thursday 11/30/2017 PH 351 Rajiv Sethi (Columbia)
      Meritocracy in the Face of Group Inequality
Tuesday 12/5/2017 PH 351 Bo-Young Choi (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy)
      Rate Volatility on Plant Productivity
Thursday 12/7/2017 PH 351 Kevin Shih (Rensselaer)
      Foreign Peer Effects and STEM Major Choice

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