QC Economics

Seminar Series Fall 2014
12:10-1:30 pm





Wednesday 9/10/14 PH 351 Nuria Rodriguez-Planas, (Queens College)
      The Math Gender Gap and Culture
Thursday 9/18/2014 PH 351 Osman Dogan
      Bayesian Inference in Sample Selection Models with Spatial Autoregressive Processes
Wednesday 10/1/2014 PH 351 Jorge de la Roca
      City of Dreams
Monday 10/6/2014 PH 351 Erdal Tekin
      Less Cash, Less Crime: Evidence from the Electronic Benefit Transfer Program
Wednesday 10/8/2014 PH 351 Francesc Ortega
      The impact of skilled migration on firm-level productivity: an investigation of publicly traded US firms
Tuesday 10/14/2014 PH 351 Anna M Mayda (Georgetown)
      The impact of migration on child labor: Empirical evidence from Brazil
Wednesday 10/15/2014 PH 351 Chad Sparber
      The Effects of Foreign Skilled Workers on Natives: Evidence from the H-1B Visa Lottery
Thursday 10/23/2014 PH 351 Shuang Zhang
      Land Reform and Sex Selection in China
Thursday 11/6/2014 PH 351 Aysegul Sahin
      Grown-up Business Cycles
Monday 11/10/2014 PH 351 Pau Rabanal
      Deciding to Enter a Monetary Union: The Role of Trade and Financial Linkages
Thursday 11/20/2014 PH 351 Yue Li
      Effects of Retirement Insurance Benefit Rule Changes on Disability Insurance and Labor Supplies
Tuesday 12/16/2014 PH 351 Francisco Penaranda (Santander Financial Institute)
      Empirical Evaluation of Overspecified Asset Pricing Models

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