QC Economics

Seminar Series Fall 2011
12:15-1:40 pm





Thursday 9/22/2011 PH 333 Stefania Albanesi (Columbia)
      Maternal Health and Fertility: An international perspective
Monday 10/17/2011 PH 333 Jose Tessada (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)
      More Hands, More Power? The Impact of Immigration on Farming and Technology Choices in US Agriculture in Early 20th Century
Thursday 10/13/2011 PH 333 Magda Sokalska (QC)
      Performance of limit order submission strategies
Wednesday 10/26/2011 PH 347 David Gabel (QC)
      The Cost and Benefits of Competition in a 'Natural Monopoly'
Wednesday 11/9/2011 PH 351 Anca Cotet (Seton Hall University)
      Technological Improvement and Climate Change Mitigation: Evidence from the Diffusion of Air Conditioning and Seasonal Mortality in the US
Wednesday 11/23/2011 PH 351 Leanne Ussher (QC)
      Kaldor's Commodity Reserve Currency?
Monday 12/5/2011 PH 351 Julen Esteban-Pretel
      Life-Cycle Labor Search with Stochastic Match Quality

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