QC Economics

Seminar Series Fall 2010
12:15-1:40 pm





Monday 8/30/2010 PH 333 Jason Seligman, Assistant Professor of Public Affairs, John Glenn School, Ohio State
      "Financial Literacy: Evidence from the Cusp of Retirement"
Wednesday 9/15/2010 PH 333 Francesc Ortega, Assistant Professor of Economics, Queens College, CUNY
      "Immigration and Housing Booms: Evidence from Spain", joint with Libertad Gonzalez
Tuesday 9/28/2010 PH 333 Jason Fletcher, Assistant Professor of Public Health (Health Policy), Yale University and RWJ Health and Society Scholar, Columbia University
      "Tobacco Use, Taxation, and Self Control in Adolescence"
Tuesday 10/5/2010 PH 333 Amrita Dhillon, Professor of Economics, University of Warwick
      "Corporate Control and Multiple Large Shareholders", joint with Silvia Rossetto.
Wednesday 10/20/2010 PH 333 Susan Averett, Professor of Economics, Lafayette College
      "Effects of Overweight on Risky Sexual Behavior of Adolescent Girls"
Tuesday 10/26/2010 PH 333 Jeremy Gold, Proprietor, Jeremy Gold Pensions, pension finance consulting
      "Fair Value for Public Pension Plans"
Wednesday 11/10/2010 PH 347 Zadia Feliciano, Professor of Economics, Queens College, CUNY
      "Foreign Entry into U.S. Manufacturing by Takeovers and the Creation of New Firms"

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