QC Economics

Seminar Series Fall 2006
12:15-1:40 pm





Wednesday 9/20/2006 PH 132 Steve Keen, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Western Sydney
      "Debunking the theory of the Firm"
Tuesday 10/10/2006 PH 333 Geoffrey Heal, Professor of Finance & Economics, Columbia Business School and Paul Garrett, Professor of Public Policy and Business Responsibility
      "Corporate Environmentalism - Doing Well by Doing Good?"
Monday 10/30/2006 PH 333 Sanjay Reddy, Assistant Professor of Economics, Barnard College at Columbia University
      "Development Aid and Economic Growth: A Positive Long-Run Relation"
Tuesday 11/14/2006 PH 333 Robert Schwartz, Distinguished Professor of Finance at Baruch College, CUNY and Marvin M. Speiser, Professor of Finance
      "Trading, Price Setting and Volatility in Equity Markets Under Divergent Expectations and Adaptive Valuations"
Monday 11/20/2006 PH 333 Ryan Edwards, Assistant Professor of Economics, Queens College CUNY
      "The Costs of Uncertain Life Span"
Monday 11/27/2006 PH 333 Jane D'Arista, Lecturer in International Finance, Former Congressional staff economist, and author who writes for the Financial Markets Center
      "The impact of international capital flows on the US economy and financial markets"
Wednesday 12/6/2006 PH 333 Harilaos Kitsikopoulos, Clinical Associate Professor of Economics, New York University
      "Social and Economic Theory in Medieval Studies: a Critique of the Neo-Malthusian and Marxist Arguments"
Tuesday 12/12/2006 PH 333 Jason Barr, Assistant Professor of Economics, Rutgers University
      "Skyscrapers and the Manhattan Skyline, 1895-2004"

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