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Economics Minor Concentration Form

Students: YOU MUST ENTER DATES FOR ALL 7 COURSES (including those that you plan to take in the future).
We understand that your plans may change; the form is set up to allow modification by an advisor as the need arises.

You cannot officially declare a BBA major with the registrar until an advisor has approved this form.
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Requirements of the Minor:
Minors in Economics must take Eco. 101 (or 103) and 102 (or 104); two of the following three courses: Eco. 202 (or 225), 201 (or 226), or 249; and two elective economics or business courses (course descriptions can be found here), for a total of 18 credits in Economics. (Transfer students must take 12 of these 18 credits at Queens College). In addition, a "C" average is required for all economics courses applied to the minor and "C" average in ECON 101 or 103, 102 or 104, and the two courses chosen from ECON 202 or 225, 201 or 226, and 249. All courses for the minor, plus MATH 131 or equivalent, must be passed with a letter grade of "C minus" or higher (no P/NC option). Please note that ECON499 is considered blanket credit and cannot be used as an elective.

Did you take a course on Permit?
A course taken "on permit" is a course taken at another institution after you enroll at Queens. This is only possible with the permission of the department; at most two courses in the major may be taken on permit.  If you took a course(s) on permit, bring your permit(s) with you when you see your advisor.


Note: Students are responsible for the correctness of the information provided on the form.


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This concentration is your: Minor
If instead you want Economics to be your major, fill out the Major Concentration form.

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COURSE (Prereqs in parentheses)

Actual or Future Date: Semester and Year



Calculus: Math 131, 141, 151 or equivalent

Economics 101 or 103

Economics 102 or 104

You must Choose TWO of the following courses: ECON201, ECON202, or ECON249

Economics 202 or 225 (ECON102, Calculus) (Formerly ECON205)

Economics 201 or 226 (ECON101, ECON102) (Formerly ECON206)

Economics 249 or Math 241 (Calculus or MATH122)


Overall GPA:

Are you currently Working?

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