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Rafael de Balanzo Joue, Adjunct Assistant Professor
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PhD in Sustainability Science from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Spain


Journal Articles:


Balanzo, R., Rodriguez-Planas, N. (Forthcoming) Crisis and Reorganization in Urban Dynamics: The Barcelona Case Study, Ecology & Society Journal.

Balanzo, R., Nunes, L. (2018) Plano de Accao de Metodologia de Diagnostico de Resiliencia Urbana: O caso de estudo do Bairro de Vallcarca. PNUM2018 Congress: A Producao do Territorio: Formas, Processos, Designios. Porto, Portugal

Balanzo, R. et al (2017). We all make up the city. The city reflect us. Union of International Architects, UIA 2017 Seoul Congress.

Balanzo, R., Magrinya, F. (2015) A critic perspective of Social and urban innovation and resilience: Self-reliant urban space in Barcelona, p59-94 , Social innovation and urban policies in Spain, Icaria Editorial, Barcelona, Spain.

Balanzo, R., (2015) Barcelona: Heading towards urban resilience in the Vallcarca neighborhood, Habitat y Sociedad Review, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Balanzo, R.,(2014), The role of arts in Urban Resilience, Grassroots case studies in Spain, The role of artists & the arts in creative placemaking. Goethe Institut. Washington D.C.

Balanzo, R., (2014), Urban Resilience, Urbanization and Resilience, Policy Paper, UIA World Congress Durban 2014

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