QC Economics

Area Studies Electives for International Business

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ONLY (Finance and Actuarial Studies majors, see Globalization and Environment)

(Topics covered in the following courses vary by instructor. Depending on the topics chosen, the courses may count towards the area studies electives with the permission of an advisor.)
206: Peoples of South America
208,208W: Peoples of South Asia
209: Peoples of Europe
210: Peoples of East Asia
211: Peoples of Africa
212: Peoples of the Middle East
215,215W: Peoples of the Caribbean

211: Economics of Asia
212: Economic Problems of Latin America
231: Economics of China
327: The Political Economy of the European Union: Past, Present, Future (new)

222: Europe Since 1945
106: History of Latin America, 1825 to the Present
145: Modern South Asia

230: Politics of Development
233: Transitions to Democracy
234: Contemporary Western Europe
235: Contemporary Russia
238: Contemporary Asia
239: Contemporary Latin America
240: Contemporary Middle East
252: Contemporary Issues in International Relations
254: The Politics of the International Economy
257: Western Europe in World Politics
258: Asia in World Politics
269: Colloquium In International Politics

273: Social Change in Africa
274: Social Change in Latin America and the Caribbean
275: Sociology of Asian Americans